Harsha is a researcher in the field of urban water management. Her current research endeavours to protect and enhance public and environmental health by supporting the creation of climate-resilient and adaptive urban water infrastructure and informing science(data)-driven water management strategies.

Harsha graduated from a first-class Bachelor’s degree from the department of civil engineering, Monash University. Following summer research internship in future-proofing stormwater biofiltration systems, she stayed on to complete a PhD in 2017. Her PhD research, affiliated with the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities, looked at the promotion of multi-functional urban water systems. She has since then been working as a research fellow at Monash University.

Trained in engineering, she works with other disciplines, including environmental science, geochemistry and microbial ecology to achieve project outcomes.

Harsha is passionate about creating water solutions that support sustainable and liveable communities.

The journey has just begun…

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