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Peer-review journal articles

Prodanovic, V., Hatt, B., Fowdar, H., Al-Ameri, M.A. and Deletic, A., 2022. Zero additional maintenance stormwater biofilters: from laboratory testing to field implementation. Blue-Green Systems.

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Neo, T.H., Xu, D., Fowdar, H., McCarthy, D.T., Chen, E.Y., Lee, T.M., Ong, G.S., Lim, F.Y., Ong, S.L. and Hu, J., 2022. Evaluation of active, beautiful, clean waters design features in tropical urban cities: A case study in Singapore. Water, 14(3), p.468.

Fowdar, H., Payne, E., Deletic, A., Zhang, K. and McCarthy, D., 2022. Advancing the Sponge City Agenda: Evaluation of 22 plant species across a broad range of life forms for stormwater management. Ecological Engineering, 175, p.106501.

Fowdar, H., Payne, E., Schang, C., Zhang, K., Deletic, A. and McCarthy, D., 2021. How well do stormwater green infrastructure respond to changing climatic conditions?. Journal of Hydrology, 603, p.126887.

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Fowdar H.S, Hatt, B.E., Breen P., Cook P.L.M., Deletic A. 2015. Evaluation of sustainable electron donors for nitrate removal in different water media, Water Research, 85, 487-496

Technical Reports & Guidelines

Fowdar, H., Deletic, A., Hatt, B.E and Barron, N. 2018. Adoption Guidelines for Green Treatment Technologies.  Melbourne, Australia: Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities. Report.

Payne, Emily; Fowdar, Harsha; Marthanty, Dwinanti Rika; Pawitan, Hidayat; Marsudiantoro, D.; McCarthy, David (2019): Review of the application of green infrastructure for water management in Bogor. Report.

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