Research Interests

  • Nature-based solutions for water management – developing and modelling of nature-based water technologies for environmental and public health protection, understanding the hydrologic and treatment performance of nature-based solutions (NbS) in different climates and under climate variability, assessing the co-benefits of NbS in mitigating the urban heat island effect;
  • Water quality and climate change – UNESCO has recently released a document describing the strong links between water and climate change. My interests are in understanding the effects of increasing hydro-climatic variability and extreme events on catchment water quality responses and investigating the role of management interventions in buffering against these effects; 
  • Decentralised water servicing options – exploring alternative water supply options such as rainwater harvesting and grey water recycling and producing fit-for-purpose water to tackle water scarcity challenge; assessing infrastructure at the nexus of water-food-energy;
  • Water management in developing countries – application of green infrastructure in mitigating urban runoff and addressing sanitation issues in the developing country context;
  • Greenhouse gas emissions in waterways and urban water systems – understanding the sources, pathways and sinks of GHG emissions and developing numerical models to help inform water quality management strategies.
  • Pollutant fate and transport in plant-soil systems – understanding and predicting the movement of pollutants in the environment to inform mitigation strategies
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